Thursday, April 11, 2013

Margaret Thatcher. 'Nuff Said.

She gave safe passage to Pinochet, rather than send him to a war crimes tribunal as he should have been destined, commenting that the UK owed him and his henchmen a debt for Chile’s part in aiding England during the Falkland’s War in the early 1980’s.

She was outrageously outspoken, publicly chastising those who did not agree and conform to her ultra conservative principals.

She reigned over British politics with the fortitude and single-mindedness that earned her the moniker The Iron Lady. Some say she destroyed the country’s economy. Others claim she rescued it.

She is reported to have called Nelson Mandela a terrorist. And certainly, she had few friends among the Irish.

Yet, tributes poured in for Baroness Margaret Thatcher upon her recent passing at 87 years old. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper even went so far as to comment that she was a “giant among leaders”. Many would likely agree that she was indeed a giant, but would use the term as an adjective, rather than a noun, preferring to add a rather disagreeable noun of their own instead.

Obama released a statement saying, “The world has lost one of the great champions of freedom and liberty”.


So, who were her friends? Not labor unions, not the working class, and on balance, nobody who truly cares for liberty and freedom.

Like when they discover the next door neighbor was a serial killer, the sound bites only hear what a normal person he was, so it is true of Thatcher, remembering her political reign as somehow beneficial to the world at large.

Thatcher’s embrace of her ideals is nothing short of heroic. She did for the 1% what none before or since ever could, advancing policies domestic and foreign that were purposely designed to deflate hope in the vast majority while inflating the coffers of her contemporaries.

And as a final kick in the groin to Britons, she will receive a state funeral with full ceremonial honors without the benefit to the Brits of a competitive private sector bid.

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