Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cops Seize Opportunity To Steal Guns

While the 12,000 residents fled their homes amid a mandatory flood evacuation in High River, Alberta, RCMP were busy breaking into their homes and stealing guns owned by law abiding citizens, trampling all over the Bill of Rights that grant us our freedoms.

The shameful actions of RCMP, who should have been helping evacuate stranded citizens, has not gone unnoticed in worldwide mainstream media, drawing criticism from all corners of the political spectrum, and forced the provincial and federal governments quickly into damage control mode. The RCMP, meanwhile, claim they have done nothing wrong.

High River is no stranger to floods or evacuation orders. Its location in southern Alberta that makes it such ripe and productive farmland also makes it a victim to frequent flooding not unlike those of the Mississippi and the Nile. However, this is the first time it was reported that members of the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have broken into people’s homes to steal their guns.

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